Founded in 2017 VEEV is a think tank of creative content developers, visionary artists and inventive engineers. As one of the first pioneers of Singapore’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) masterplan, VEEV has the unique advantage of being an early adopter of technology to education. It has since grown and expanded to serve varied sectors and industries in their learning needs, employing a fully integrated approach that focuses on effective strategies in the art and science of learning with technology.


To be Asia’s foremost eLearning provider.


VEEV is committed to providing unique and engaging elearning solutions that employ state-of-the-art technology focused on innovative instructional delivery to create stimulating learning experiences, and top quality training.

Our Team

The VEEV team is comprised of industry experts and professionals with multidisciplinary background, and extensive experience in the fields of education and technology. Their track record of industry awards and grants is evidence of contribution to the field of elearning.

The team offers full support on learning and training needs with solid development processes, and quality assurance. VEEV’s talent pool is composed of experienced project managers, system developers, interactive digital designers, instructional designers, and interactive digital media developers. With a talented and experienced in-house development team and full production facilities, VEEV is able to provide end-to-end solutions, from concept to project delivery with the highest quality and efficiency.

Content Development

Scriptwriters Subject
Matter Experts
Instructional Designers

Digital Production Team

Graphic Designers
2D Animators
3D Animators

Audio & Video Production Team

Audio Engineers
Camera Crew
Video Editors

Software Development Team


Team Members

Meet the VEEV Team, our think tank of creative content developers, visionary artists,
innovative digital media specialists, and inventive software developers.